Smash Ultimate: Ori Could Be The Next Character In Smash

Every time a new character is announced for Smash, the boundaries of what is possible get pushed a little further and new candidates start to emerge.

With Steve making an appearance in the v9.0.0 update, who knows what other crazy characters could arrive.

The latest prospective candidate is Ori from the platform-adventure games 'Ori and the Blind Forest' and 'Ori and the Will of the Wisps'.

Ori is a white guardian spirit and the protagonist of the above titles. While small in stature, Ori could make a big impact on the Smash roster.

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Moon Studios Would "Love" To Have Ori In Smash

The idea is obviously one that Moon Studios, the developers behind Ori, are all for and have openly said that they would "love" to see the character appear in the popular fighting game.

So much so that the co-found Gennadiy Korol told fans to contact the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, about it to make it happen:

"I think all of us at Moon would LOVE to see Ori in Smash and we think that Ori’s moveset and fighting mechanics [would] be tons of fun. I honestly think this could be amazing and you should tweet Phil Spencer about it!"

The call to action is clear to get Ori into Smash and it would no doubt be a great addition.

It's clear that Xbox has a good relationship with Nintendo, allowing Banjo and Kazooie to be added in the original Fighters Pass as well as letting Steve's Minecraft join in Fighters Pass 2.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely to happen as the selection of characters is already likely locked in for the final four characters.

Those four characters are still yet to be identified, but we can wager it's likely to be a few more characters from Nintendo's catalogue rather than external studios.

Even worse, this is the last Fighters Pass for Ultimate - unless there's a big change of heart from Nintendo, there will be no more fighters added to Smash.

However, there's still the potential for Ori to appear as a Mii costume down the line.

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