Smash Ultimate: Mod Allows Custom Minecraft Steve Skins

With Smash Ultimate's v9.0.0 update, we were given a delightful present in the form of new fighter Steve.

Minecraft's mascot has been added to the popular fighting game for the Nintendo Switch and has already caused a lot of chaos.

There was no doubt going to be some complications with his arrival after all stages had to be rebuilt to suit his blockiness.

But, while he may be causing some unfortunate bugs, players are quickly finding the bright side to his inclusion.

One of the best features with Minecraft is how much customisation it can bring; including character skins.

One clever user has introduced a mode that lets you equip any skin you want!

Smash Ultimate Mod Lets You Equip Minecraft Java Skins!

@jam1garner has added the ability to download and install your Minecraft Java skins into Smash Ultimate.

He's even provided us with a download link.

Note: we are not responsible for any issues caused with this download and we do not endorse its usage.

I added the ability to download and install your #Minecraft Java skins in #SmashUltimate. All from an in-game menu.
— jam1garner (@jam1garner)
October 14, 2020

It's undoubtedly a fantastic idea and its inclusion has some real potential in the future.

With Nintendo going to the lengths they have done to include Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman, surely the next step is custom skins for the character?

While a lot of fan favourite skins likely have copyright issues, potentially limiting the variety, it wouldn't be difficult to equip Steve with skins from the current Smash roster.

Imagine Bowser, Samus, R.O.B. or even Pacman in Minecraft form!

The idea has been met with some great enthusiasm and support. We can only hope that Nintendo have some plans to make this idea a reality in the future.

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