Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Unlock Greninja

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the gift that keeps on giving, but you might be wondering how to unlock Greninja.

After a fun appearance in Detective Pikachu, Greninja's stock is rising. Here's how you can play as one.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How to unlock Greninja

It's easier than you might think - you'll just need to play the game.

Jump into a Versus match, and whether you win or lose you'll be challenged by a new foe at the match's conclusion. Beat that fighter, and you'll add them to your roster! It can take a while to get to Greninja, but there's another way, too.

If you jump into Classic mode with Donkey Kong, you'll battle Greninja in your sixth fight. Beat the slippery devil and he's yours!

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