Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How To Play Two-Player Matches In Local Multiplayer

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate, alongside Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, is arguably the best multiplayer game on Switch, particularly if you get some friends together in the same spot.

Setting up a match for local competition can be a little confusing though, so here's a quick guide that'll have to you sending your friends flying off the screen in no time.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How To Set Up Local Multiplayer

Firstly, make sure your controllers are connected to your console. Super Smash Bros Ultimate not only supports the Joy-Con and Pro Controller, but also GameCube controllers, too!

Once that's done, head into the game and select "Smash" from the main menu. Set your desired rules via Player 1, and then you'll all be able to jump into the game by pressing a button on the character select screen on your controller of choice.

Once you've selected your characters, jump into a match!

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