Super Smash Bros Ultimate's Next DLC Character Could Be Revealed In Early October

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans have already been promised more fighters after Min Min arrived earlier this year to kick off the second Fighters Pass, but we may have an idea as to when to expect an announcement of who's next.

Thanks to an advert appearing in Japan until October 4 that highlights Min Min and five blank spaces for other fighters, it looks as though that could be the date we'll see a new addition.


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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Character Announcement In October?

The advert was shared by Twitter user @OnuaUlt, and you can check the image out below:

Fighter Pass 7 will be announced extremely soon. This ad is up until october 4thEveryone be prepared
— 🌸Onua // Comms Closed🌸 (@OnuaUlt)
September 20, 2020

Previous announcements have also been revealed in line with these kinds of advertisements, so there's a good chance this rumour holds water.


With Min Min from Arms announced and launched in June, we'll have gone four months without a fighter being added - understandable, due to the current global pandemic.

Still, we'll be sure to keep you informed if we hear more.

As a reminder, the current DLC fighters come from all over the place.

There's Joker from Persona 5, Banjo and Kazooie from the Microsoft-owned Rare studio, Terry Bogard from SNK, Byleth from Fire Emblem, Hero from Dragon Quest and, of course, the Piranha Plant from the Mario franchise.


The second Fighters Pass kicked off with Min Min, but is expected to add a further five characters.

It really is anyone's guess as to who will be added next!

Here's hoping that one day we'll see Kratos and Master Chief enter the arena...