Nintendo Pulls Super Smash Bros From EVO

In a move that sent shockwaves to the fighting game community, Nintendo has pulled Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other Smash games from EVO for the foreseeable future. Confirmed by the official EVO Twitter account, numerous fans quickly expressed their disappointment in Nintendo.

Neither EVO nor Nintendo offered a reason as to why Super Smash Bros. was being pulled from the famous fighting game tournament. All we can infer from the wording is that this was Nintendo's choice, likely unrelated to Sony's previous acquisition of the tournament.

Nintendo Pulls Super Smash Bros From EVO

Some believe that Nintendo partnering with Panda Global for eSports competitions might be another reason why Super Smash Bros. is being pulled, setting up their own competition instead. However, that remains speculative at this time.

EVO 2022 will be taking place in Las Vegas from Aug. 5 until Aug. 7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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