Smash Ultimate: Shantae Creator Speaks on Smash Ultimate DLC Fighter

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Smash just released its brand new DLC fighter this week, and by now most of you are aware it was Minecraft Steve; along with some notable side characters.

The DLC fighter is one of the most overpowered we have seen thus far, and the meta has taken a hit because of it.


While we do not know the next DLC fighters Nintendo plans to release, there has been speculation regarding Shantae entering the field. 

Now, the creator behind this loveable character has spoken out regarding the possibility of Shantae becoming the next Smash DLC fighter.

Shantae In Smash?

Matt Bozon recently spoke to Siliconera about a wide array of topics, and more notably commented on the spectre of Shantae entering Super Smash anytime soon. 


“We love the enthusiasm!” Bozon noted. “It was incredible to have her included as a Spirit, and I know that meant a lot to Shantae fans.”

There was more dialogue between the two and Bozon commented on how Shantae would actually play if she was added into Smash:

“If she ever becomes playable in Smash, it would be neat to see how hair-whipping, dancing, or transformations could play a part in her moveset.”

Nintendo is always taking classic franchises and trying to implement some of their characters into the game, but as we have seen with the release of Steve, anything is possible now. 


As of now, Shantae is simply a spirit in Smash Ultimate; and Matt also spoke about how reaction seeing this announced back during the Smash Direct: 

“We were shocked to see Shantae show up during a Smash Direct. It was awesome! Before that moment, we didn’t know any details,”

For now, we will have to wait and see what characters Nintendo releases as apart of the next DLC pack.

They have added some amazing characters thus far, and Steve has been the most enjoyable by far among players.


Perhaps Shantae is already in the works!