Super Animal Royale: Is It Cross-Play?

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Super Animal Royale's been a quiet hit so far. Currently in early access for PC and Xbox One (Game Preview), this indie battle royale offers a 2D take on proceedings, dropping from a giant eagle as 64 genetically modified critters fight to survive.

Having just launched on Xbox One earlier this week, you might be wondering whether Pixile Studios has enabled cross-play, letting you join existing PC players for online matches. After all, while cross-platform multiplayer has begun taking off these last few years, it's not standard just yet.


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Super Animal Royale: Is It Cross-Play?

Thankfully, that answer is yes. With plans to eventually launch on Switch, PS4, PS5, Stadia and Xbox Series X|S, Super Animal Royale supports cross-play and cross-save functionality with all platforms. However, while you can join matches with other users, you cannot create a party with them, but Squads and Duos are planned in the future,

To turn on cross-play, all you need to do is select Change on your party settings, setting up a solo, duo, or squads game. At the bottom, you'll find the cross-play setting, letting you decide whether to compete against PC/Xbox users. Select Accept and that'll all go through.