Is Subnautica Below Zero Finished?

Subnautica Below Zero has left Early Access for a while, but is the game completely finished, or is there more content and story to come? We’ll cover the question: is Subnautica Below Zero finished, and are there likely to be more updates and additions to come later on?

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Is Subnautica Below Zero Finished?

As of writing, Subnautica Below Zero is fully finished and out of Early Access, with a complete story with an established end, similar to the previous game in the series. Those who buy it now won’t have the plot end unexpectedly, as was the case prior to the full release. It’s likely that there will not be any further additions to the main campaign at this point, as the plot as it is ends on a point that will be difficult to add to. However, we’ll be sure to amend this page if we hear anything different in the future.

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Will Subnautica Below Zero Have DLC?

At time of writing there’s no indication from the developers that Subnautica Below Zero will have DLC in the future, though as far as we know that’s not likely to change at any point. Below Zero actually started development as DLC itself, but quickly grew to such an extent that it was worthy of making a standalone expansion. Consequently it’s unlikely that we’ll see major additions to something that is itself originally an addition to the core Subnautica game, but again, we’ll update this page if changes should occur in the future.

The best thing to do in-game is make sure you have the Seatruck and all it’s modules unlocked, which we’ve explained right here. Or find out how to get the most oxygen possible at our tank upgrade guide!

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