The Street Fighter Tournament co-produced by Gfinity and Red Bull is looking to be intense with big names like Tokido 'The Murderface'

Red Bull and GFinity have partnered to organize a Street Fighter Tournament. It sounds great on its own, but the talent makes it even better. One of the five 'Video Game Gods' of Japan, Hajime' Tokido' Taniguchi, is participating and hopes to prove his worth.

The Street Fighter series is arguably the biggest fighting game in the world, and its tournaments match. The best fighting game legends, like Tokido, come from around the world to compete head to head and prove themselves. Notably, he has recently decided to become the best Street Fighter player instead of an all-around fighting game legend.

The legend of Hajime Taniguchi or Tokido 'The Murderface'

In addition to Street Fighter, Tokido used to play and excel at Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and BlazBlue on a competitive level. In addition to winning Capcom vs. SNK 2 in 2002 and Super Street Fighter II Turbo in 2007, Tokido won Street Fighter V ten years later, making Tokido a three-time EVO champion. With 19+ top Evolution 8 finishes in 9 different fighting games, Tokido ranks second only to Justin Wong in a 15-year period.

For a good reason, Tokido has achieved legendary status in the fighting game world and has earned the moniker' murder face' for the dead and hyperfocused look he gives as he destroys his opponents. Tokido will likely use his favorite character Akuma during the Stree Fighter tournament, but he may bring out Urien based on previous statements about Urien's ability.

The video below of Tokido's win against Punk is the reason that many love him.

I admire Tokido's Esports fighting game skills, and I wish him well. His attitude toward gaming is admirable, and I hope more pro players will follow his example.

Do not miss this Street Fighter Tournament for any reason

The list of athletes who have enlisted in both helping and opposing Tokido is growing, and it is expected that this will be the most intense tournament ever. This tournament begins on May 22 and can be streamed live at THIS LINK. Red Bull and GFinity have both invested a lot into it, and expectations are high.

The Street Fighter V tournament will kick off with a four-hour special presentation of Guilty Gear Strive before Sunday's tournament begins. We are eagerly awaiting to see the best fighting we have seen in a long time.

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