Celtic Throwdown 2019: Dates, Brackets, Times And Everything You Need To Know!

Celtic Throwdown is the largest fighting game tournament held in Ireland, and this year's showdown is proving to be one of the best yet! From hosting a Capcom Pro Tour Street Fighter V event to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there is a little bit of everything for everyone attending!

We break down the important dates, times, brackets, tickets, and everything else you need to know!

Dates, Brackets, and Times

Celtic Throwdown is broken up into two main days, Saturday August 31st and Sunday September 1st. On Saturday, pool play and the early stage of brackets will begin for the majority of games. Some games, such as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, will have their entire bracket played out on Saturday - the majority will see their top eight matches played out on Championship Sunday. 

So far over 400 people have signed up for brackets and you are allowed to sign up to compete in multiple games (as long as you can play matches in both without interfering).

Games start at 11am BST on Saturday and will continue till 9pm BST. Sunday's schedule is much more streamlined, due to the narrowing of games and players, but will start at 11am BST and finish around 7pm BST local time.

Only one game (Puyo Puyo Champions) will have its full bracket run on Sunday.

Registration and Venue 

Signup for Celtic Throwdown is easy! Go to their Smash.gg page, select the bracket you wish to join, and sign up! The venue is The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blanchardstown, Dublin. If you navigate to the official website you can get a room at the hotel for a discounted price for a limited time.

Are you excited for the Celtic Throwdown? Tweet us what bracket you are signing up for!

Written byEzekiel Carsella@jamaican116

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