Cadbury Heroes League Highlights: The Best (Non-Chocolatey) Bits (Sponsored)

The Cadbury Heroes League has come to an end, and what an event it was.

The League managed to bring everyone together in a truly special way despite the Lockdown and made for some jaw-dropping spectator moments.

If you didn’t manage to catch it live, don’t fret, as this article will cover everything you need to know.

So without further ado, let’s jump into what happened in the Cadbury Heroes League!

All the action, as it happened!

The Cadbury Heroes League saw 12 family duos battle it out to be crowned champion.

The games took place on Street Fighter V Championship Edition, and each was hotly contested.

Playing from their homes, celebrities and content creators had to coach a family member (or vice versa) in the art of the game.

Once the training period was up, it was game day, and boy was it one to watch.

Game Day

The day of the tournament saw some incredible action hitting our screens.

Group A featured the likes of Leahviathan’s mum, Jay-Ann’s nan, Sam Thompson’s mum, Sally Phillips, Theo Baker’s mum-in-law and Tom Grennan’s dad.

Group B had some heavy hitters such as Clare Siobhan’s mum, Gee Nelson’s mum, Jordan Banjo’s mum, Louise Redknapp, Roman Kemp’s mum and Romello Greer’s dad.

With group stages leading to knock out rounds, the trophy was all to play for at the start of the night.

Group Stage

The group stages were hotly contested, as the duos fought for survival.

The standout game for us was Tom Grennan and his dad against Sam Thompson and his mum.

Going all three rounds, with Sam Thompson’s mum taking a 2-1 victory, the match was a true test of skill, both for the players and the coaches.

Host Tom even labelled the match “epic” as his “throat went dry”, a true testament to the spectacle.

Other points of note are Sally Phillips’ close fought 2-1 victory over Leahviathan’s mum, and Romello’s dad’s 2-0 victory over Clare Siobhan’s mum as he cruised to the top of the Group B standings.


The semi-finals only served to increase our excitement, as 4 duos edged closer to the grand final.

The semi-finals started with Sam Thompson’s mum facing Clare Siobhan’s mum. After a hard-fought match, it was Sam Thompson’s mum who came out on top!

Romello’s dad kicked off against Sally Phillips, completing a swift 2-0 victory, and leaving him flawless in the tournament.

The Grand Final

The main event saw two of the tournament’s finest competitors battling out in a true test of skill and determination.

Romello’s dad took a closely fought first game to make the series 1-0, and, following a swift second match, finished the series at 2-0.

This left Romello’s dad the Cadbury Heroes League champion AND undefeated at that, a heroic achievement!

So with one champion named and adorned with the prestigious trophy, I wonder who we may see in the next Cadbury Heroes League?

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