G Fuel Causes Controversy Via Sudden Firings and Executive’s Alleged Use of “Derogatory Terms”

A photo of Ninja promoting G Fuel.
Credit: @Ninja on Twitter.

A photo of Ninja promoting G Fuel.
Credit: @Ninja on Twitter.

The company behind caffeinated drink mix G Fuel, tubs of which have graced the setups of a litany of popular YouTube and Twitch personalities, from PewDiePie to Ninja and xQc, over the years is facing a wave of controversy on social media.

The issues fuelling a speight of negative sentiment towards G Fuel from both streamers and their fans are a string of recent firings, which saw seven partner/talent managers let go, and supposed comments made by a company executive to said employees, which have been referred to as “derogatory”.

The results of these allegations have so far taken the form of many streamers and other content creators openly reconsidering their partnerships with G Fuel or asking for said agreements to be terminated.

Streamers Express Ire Over G Fuel Controversy

Taking to Twitter, Esports personality Jake Lucky offered a summary of the situation, first highlighting several tweets by the employees the company had let go, adding that their dismissals had seemingly come “without warning” and had been rationalised as the consequence of a “restructuring” of the company.

Lucky also reported that these firings supposed came shortly after “a higher up in the company” allegedly used a “derogatory slur” in a team-wide call and also supposedly referred to employees as “lazy mother fuckers”, which he later clarified prompted some employees to file HR complaints about the incident.

A tweet from Pokemon streamer Pokeaim, real name Joey Sciarrone, seemingly suggested that G Fuel CEO Cliff Morgan was the executive responsible for making these comments to employees, with the streamer responding to Morgan tweeting about a company Twitch stream by saying: “Idgaf if you revoke my partnership, treat people like human beings you asshole”.

Said Twitch stream, which centred around a G Fuel variant based on the Sonic character Knuckles, seemingly further contributed to the buildup of negative sentiment towards G Fuel, with users who asked about the ongoing controversy in its chat supposedly being banned from commenting.

We have reached out for comment from G Fuel, and will update this article if the company responds.

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