Is Stranded Deep Multiplayer on PS4, PS5 and Xbox

Stranded Deep is being offered for free for PS4 users on PlayStation Plus alongside Battlefield V. Wreckfest, Die Hard, Die Last is being offered for free for PS5 users who have PlaySation Plus. Some gamers are wondering whether these games are multiplayer compatible.

In Stranded Deep, the player has been left behind on an island after an airplane crash. He must make his way from island to island in hopes of surviving and being found. The only thing stopping him from doing so is the environment, but the environment is an unrelenting foe.

So is there multiplayer for Stranded Deep on consoles and PC?

At the time this article was written, no. Stranded Deep was designed to be an experience for single players, and this intention will not change anytime soon. At least for Console players.

Each island has a very limited supply of food and water, barely enough for one person, let alone two people. With each update, this does not change and so it is safe to assume the developers never intended for this game to be shared with others.

Local co-operative play is available on the PC, but players must share the screen. This doesn't feel like a full-fledged co-op experience, but it's good enough for two friends to play together. If anything changes, then this article will be updated.

Here's how to activate Co-Op on PC

The first step in starting a Stranded Deep co-op game is to ensure that a controller is connected to the PC. The mouse and keyboard will be used by one player, while the second will use the controller. To ensure that Stranded Deep recognizes the second controller, players will want to go to the Inputs option in the Options menu. Make sure that the ‘None’ next to the controller has been changed to ‘P2.’

In this case, players need to begin a new Stranded Deep game but change the mode to cooperative. Several guides are being made at GFinity to help players navigate the unforgiving environment of Stranded Deep. Check back at GFinity daily for new guides.

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