Stranded Deep: How To Get Water

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The tutorial for Stranded Deep is lacking, so most of the game has to be figured out by the player. The problem with this is that many players may die of dehydration before they get very far. This makes the game feel more realistic, but it is less accessible.

To avoid dehydration as players go through motions, the first step players should take is to find a source of water. The more advanced structures can be built by the player when they have enough resources.

Coconuts And Quwawa Fruit - The basic Stranded Deep water supply

The easiest way to get water early on is through the coconut. This is explained in the tutorial, but the supply of coconuts is limited. Coconuts do not spoil, so they can be taken when needed and left alone otherwise. The player can make a coconut drinkable by hitting it with a knife. They can also eat it by hitting it with an ax.

Another option is to find Quwawa berries that refill hunger and thirst. These are only found on some islands, but it is wiser to drink coconuts until the player can make a nice berry farm. Planting these should be priority number one when they are found on a new island.

The Water Still - Savior to all players in Stranded Deep

The player should make a Water Still at the same time as they plant berries. Water Stills provide a refilling water source for the player character and are essential for prolonged survival. To craft it, players will need one lashing, three rocks, and one tarp.

The water Still will fill with water gradually after it is crafted until it holds at most five drinks. Drinking directly from the Water Still is possible, but it is ideal to use the sill for filling up other containers or for watering the plants.

Water Carriers - Stranded Deep’s makeshift water bottles

There are multiple ways for the player to carry clean water with them in Stranded Deep. Below is a list and crafting guide. Keep in mind that players should opt to make a water bottle as soon as they can.

Coconut Flask - Coconut and Lashing - 1 drink

Leather Waterskin - Tanning rack, two pieces of leather, and a wood stick - 3 drinks

Water Bottle (Formerly Clay Bottle) - One furnace, two lashing, and two clay - 5 drinks


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