Steam Deck's Analog Drift Seemingly Fixed With Software Update

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Valve has released a software update for Steam Deck, reportedly fixing an analog drift issue . Word on Steam Deck’s analog drift was shared on Reddit, with many gamers voicing their concern as it's become a known problem with many modern controllers, but that appears to have been fixed.

Informing fans on Twitter, designer Lawrence Yang confirmed this firmware update should fix the issue, revealing this wasn't down to hardware faults. Since then. we've seen confirmation that for some previously affected players, this has been resolved.

Steam Deck's Analog Drift Seemingly Fixed With Software Update

Analog drift has always been an issue with gaming systems, most prominently in recent years with the Switch Joy-Cons. Nintendo received numerous complaints that eventually led into a lawsuit and now, it offers to fix Joy-Cons for free. It's unsurprising then that Valve clearly wants to avoid this issue.

The Steam Deck is now available in select countries through a gradual rollout, though it’s still not available worldwide. Stay tuned for more news and info on the Steam Deck as it comes in.

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