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State of Survival Codes - Biocaps, Search Maps, and More

Screenshot from State of Survival

Looking for some State of Survival codes to help you weather the zombie outbreak? This post-apocalyptic mobile game is all about creating a strong new society, making allies, and rescuing other scattered survivors, but also building an inpenetrable vault to keep the zombies out and your people alive. But surviving a zombie-filled future is a hard business, and you'll need lots of supplies.

This is where State of Survival codes come in. Just like many other mobile games, State of Survival gives out freebies to players in the form of codes, including resources, search maps, biocaps, or just about anything you can imagine. Considering State of Survival has lots of in-game crossovers and regular events, there are usually a fair few of these freebies floating around.

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These codes can be a great way of getting a little boost, making your society of survivors just that little bit stronger. In this State of Survival codes list, we'll round up the game's most recent freebies and explain how you redeem them, as well as the best places to potentially get your hands on some more.

All Working State of Survival Codes

  • sos119 - 400 biocaps, two epic search maps, one 10k supply crate, 20 five minute construction speedups
  • LongLiveDaryl - 200 biocaps, one advanced search map, 1,000 food, 1,000 wood
  • Welcome2021 - 300 biocaps, one advanced search map, 1,000 food, 1,000 wood
  • sos1234 - 500 biocaps, one epic search map, five rusty fragments, 100 gas, 100 metal, 100 food, 100 wood
  • sos999 - 300 biocaps, one advanced search map, ten 100 chief exp, 20 metal, 20 food, 20 wood, ten combat manual I, one five minute speedup
  • ankerxsos21 - 1,000 biocaps, two epic search maps, 10 rusty fragments, 100x 100 chief exp, 300 1k metal, 300 1k food, 300 1k wood

These State of Survival codes were checked and confirmed as expired as of October 19, 2021.

Expired codes:

  • kuchentvsos
  • gaecheonjeol
  • 100mxbithday
  • newherobecca
  • FrameHQskins
  • CherokeeRose
  • kuchentvsos
  • flyhighmeriamxirhaa
  • livestream
  • Catzilla
  • sos6666
  • alan6666
  • Taiwaniu
  • Roberto
  • phongsos
  • simmysos
  • Kzee
  • Savi
  • IQ300
  • 2s2o2sanni
  • Happy2AnniversarySOS
  • 2ndMemorialBook2021
  • AirshipGuardian
  • AnniversaryBoss
  • 5daystoairshipdesign
Characters fighting off a zombie attack in State of Survival.
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What Are State of Survival Codes?

State of Survival codes are free rewards that the developer gives away to players to celebrate in-game crossovers or events. These freebies usually contain biocaps, resources such as food, wood, metal, or gas, as well as other handy stuff like search maps and speedups. If you never want to miss one of these free bonuses, be sure to bookmark this list and check again, as we'll update it whenever new codes drop.


How Do I Play State of Survival?

In order to play State of Survival, you just need to head to Google Play or the App Store, depending on whether you're playing on Android or iOS. Once there, simply tap get, and when the game has downloaded fully, you're ready to jump right in.

Where Do I Redeem My State of Survival Codes?

To redeem your State of Survival codes, follow these instructions:

  • Open the game
  • Complete the tutorial. This should end right after you've cleared the warehouse
  • Tap your avatar portrait in the top left
  • Tap on 'Settings'
  • Tap on 'Gift Redemption'
  • Copy a code from our list into the box
  • Tap redeem
  • Your rewards will arrive in your in-game mailbox
  • Enjoy!
The in-game State of Survival code redemption screen.
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How Do I Get More State of Survival Codes?

As with most mobile games, the best places to get new in-game codes are the official social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. These pages are a great place to hear about upcoming events, but also spot any freebies that the developer might be dropping. Of course, if you don't want to, or don't use social media, you can always check back with this list, as we'll add new codes when they land.


What Is The Latest State of Survival Update?

As you may know, the latest State of Survival update introduced the beloved cast of The Walking Dead to the game. Iconic characters like Daryl are now available as survivors in the game - making it the perfect crossover for fans of the show.

Elsewhere, the State of Survival Twitter account has been teasing the introduction of several supercars into the game. There was recently a poll to determine which of four potential variants was the most popular - so keep your eyes peeled for some speedy additions very soon.

And that's it for our State of Survival codes guide. For more mobile game freebies, we also have lists of Raid: Shadow Legends codes, Top War codes, AFK Arena codes, and Genshin Impact codes for free primogems and more.