Meet Starfield’s First Companion Character, VASCO

Bethesda has revealed VASCO, the first official companion character for Starfield. Introduced during a developer video, this saw Todd Howard discussing the upcoming sci-fi RPG, hyping up the companion characters players will be meeting.

It’s unknown what VASCO stands for, or how important this robot will be in Starfield, but the presence of companion characters ensures some extra narrative weight. Bethesda's often made companion characters feel important, so seeing them appear in Starfield should reassure long-time fans.

Meet Starfield’s First Companion Character, VASCO

Alongside VASCO, this developer video also reveals new concept art and detailed the factions that'll play a huge part in Starfield. No gameplay was shown but given it's November 2022 release date, we've got no doubt that it won't be long before we see this.

Starfield is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11. Fans itching for more Bethesda can check out Skyrim's recent anniversary release or Fallout 76, which many believe has significantly improved after its botched launch.

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