Stardew Valley Mod Lets You Marry Morris

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The player character embraces Morris in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a hugely popular modding scene, offering everything from adding Pokemon to encouraging you to stay up late and burn the midnight oil.

That's not all, though. A new mod has entered the scene, and it allows you to do something unspeakable. Unforgivable. Utterly depraved.


This mod allows you to marry JojaMart's capitalist, exploitative, probably-stinky representative, Morris. I'm sure he's a nice guy if you get to know him.

Morris from Stardew valley says "Sometimes I really love retail, but sometimes it's frustrating. In a regular job, I'd probably have more time to talk with you."

Stockholm Syndrome?

Modder yoshimax created the Marry Morris mod, making this horrid monster a marriageable NPC with feelings, thoughts, and less greed, apparently.


Don't worry, though. Morris has a "full backstory and redemption arc," so he'll become the type of person you might actually want to spend the rest of your e-life with. The story even makes sense when you kick the guy out of town after completing the Community Centre.

Apparently, Morris has a change of heart, apologising to the townsfolk for bringing his ideology into this idyllic world and begging for a second chance.

Maybe he wants something more from life. Maybe he wants… you?

It works with the extremely popular Stardew Valley Expanded mod and has story explanations for every potential narrative change in that arc too. If you've already installed a Morris-related mod then forget about it - he's already gone and married capitalism by that point.


If you want to get a bit of romance, you'll want to check his Stardew Valley Expanded wiki page to learn about his favourite and least favourite gifts. Apparently, the guy just can't get enough of chowder and lobster bisque, but can't stand live frogs, fish, or even a delicious pint of beer.

The most shocking Morris fact? He absolutely hates Joja Cola. After all that work he put in for his silly little shop branch, sleeping under his desk and spending his own money on the company's behalf, he still can't deal with that horrible goo served in that sterile blue can.

Now that you've found your life partner, why not make your Stardew Valley grandpa a bit weirder, or have a look at some tips on repairing your Community Centre?