Possible Mandalorian Game Footage Leaks on YouTube

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The Mandalorian game could be happening and, if leaked footage is anything to go by, we might be seeing more about it rather soon.

A five minute gameplay segment popped up online (first spotted by TheGamer) that seems to show a demo segment, complete with load screens, combat, chapter selection, and more.


The player chose chapter four, The Escape, which sees the Mandalorian enter an Imperial ship of some kind intending to destroy it.

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Possible Mandalorian Game Footage Leaks on YouTube

The Mandalorian game looks similar to Jedi Fallen Order. It's a third-person action game with light puzzle solving and platforming, though of course, the Mandalorian isn't a Jedi.

That means he gets more fun toys to use, including a flamethrower, a spear, and a grappling hook, among other things.

We also see hints of weapon customization. One of the items found during the short segment is a blaster upgrade.


Enemies so far include your average Stormtroopers using blasters, and, unlike Fallen Order, The Mandalorian game seems to lean more towards third-person shooter than plain action.

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