Star Wars Battlefront 2 got a Bad Batch mod

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The Disney Plus series Star Wars The Bad Batch has become a fan favorite. Understandably, fans want to play these heroic Clones in Battlefront 2, but EA hasn't added them as DLC yet. Still, even without EA, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting The Bad Batch characters thanks to modders.

NexusMods user MankDemery19 released two new Star Wars Battlefront 2 mods. The mods let players choose to be Hunter or Wrecker from Star Wars The Bad Batch. Interested users can download Hunter here and Wrecker here.

The modder has yet to make the rest of the Bad Batch characters, but he has done a great job so far. Hunter replaces Han Solo, and Wrecker replaces Chewbacca in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Other special characters in the game will be replaced by The Bad Batch characters when they're created.

The Hunter Model comes with an audio file as well, so players can truly immerse themselves in the character.

The Star Wars The Bad Batch models look incredibly well done

Even EA's work is rivaled by the models, which accurately represent Hunter and Wrecker from the Disney Plus show. Several armor pieces in the models even have scratches and dirt on them, which shows true dedication to accuracy. While there are a few complaints about minor details, the models are still fantastic.

Some people have complained about how big the Hunter helmet is compared to his body. I have to agree with these statements; the helmet looks far too large. Although Hunter's helmet is larger than most clones', this one is really over the top.

The two Bad Batch character models in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Hunter and Wrecker are side by side
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The Two baddest, Wrecker and Hunter

However, this isn't a big deal, and MankDemery19 has stated he will make adjustments soon. This dedication to the Star Wars community and determination to continue is pretty admirable and MankDemery19's mods will probably be those used in future fan Star Wars animated videos on YouTube.

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