5 Star Wars games that also deserve remakes

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The Star Wars series has produced many great games, but many of them are over a decade old and feel dated. The older Star Wars games could be remade to fit today's gaming standards. Remastering is not the answer to this since it's a cheap way to cash in on nostalgia.

I hope that these classic games will be remastered and presented to new generations of gamers. The process of remastering takes time and requires the creation of new assets and storylines. Just taking a look at Final Fantasy VII and Mafia demonstrates how much better and more efficient a remake can be.

Star Wars Empire At War

Star Wars does not have a video game with a real-time strategy component today. There must be an alarm set for things like that at Disney because it seems bizarre to think there is a real market that has not been served.

Like in the Warhammer games, Empire at War allowed the player to command units against an opponent on a map. While between battles, there was a galaxy map and a story to follow. It would be much more interesting to arm planets and build armies if developers incorporated more features. In addition, the sequels provide the opportunity to develop a new plotline in this series.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (The Story Mode)

EA has released newer Battlefront games that match today's standards. However, they do not have all that the originals had, which is understandable. However, losing the story mode was not understandable.

The other Star Wars games focus on Order 66 and the war in general from the Jedi or Sith's perspective. Battlefront 2 provided a fantastic look into how the clones viewed the wars and Order 66. Seeing things from a clone's perspective gave an insight into how things worked for the clones in Battlefront 2.

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer

A groundbreaking racing game at the time, Star Wars Podracer competed with similar games. One wrong move, and the player would be dead, possibly losing the race. This was the kind of racing game that required fast reflexes.

A story and RPG elements could benefit this type of game, rather than following Anakin's days as a Podracer. There isn't much to rehash there, and players aren't likely to be interested in Anakin's dullest time period. It would be interesting to know what it is like to be a Podracer on Tatooine without Jedi coming in and bringing Sith lords.

Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

Despite the amazing story and combat in the original, it's not going to fly today. Instead, I would like the concept to be completely reworked, rather than relying solely on the old storyline. It would be interesting to see what it's like to be part of a new order. Perhaps this game could take place during the republic or old republic.

It's too bad that a franchise that was built for RPGs keeps moving away from it. They should embrace the RPG system like in Fallen Order. Another excellent time period for this game would be after the events of Fallen Order, when the order is rebuilt.

Star Wars Republic Commando

This game just recently underwent a remaster, and anyone who played it will understand why it made this list. The difference between a Remaster and a Remake is that Remasters just up-scale the game to this generation while remakes rebuild it from the ground up.

Even after being remastered, Republic Commando still feels dated. It would be great to see more content for Republic Commando, and it is such an amazing way to experience Star Wars. We wish this game would get the release it deserves and blow players' minds all over again. Until then, remasters aren't enough; we need full-fledged entries.

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