5 Things We Want From The KOTOR Remake

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Aspyr is remaking knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR). Ever since the news broke, fans have been anxious to see it done well. Since the first game was released, the gaming landscape has changed dramatically, and KOTOR needs to be updated to keep up. Here are Five things Apsyr can do to improve KOTOR.

Let players customize Darth Revan

KOTOR's restrictions on Darth Revan may have been fine at the time, but they are unacceptable today. This doesn't mean to add a light level of customization like in Outriders, that's fine for shooters, not role-playing games. This character customization should be similar to Dragon's Dogma or Final Fantasy XIV.

Better AI for squadmates

If players wanted to beat KOTOR on a harder difficulty, they had to manage everyone's attacks constantly or lose every battle. It isn't bad that KOTOR was very tactical, but it isn't very inviting to the diverse group of gamers who exist today. Aspyr can borrow the Dragon Age tactical options that allowed players to set up tactics and behaviors for allies.

Borrow a lot from Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR)

SWTOR does a lot of things right, from the dialogue to the environments. Each class has a vastly contrasting story, which feels alive. If this remake looks and acts like SWTOR's Prequel, then it will do very well.

Change the turn-based fighting

Although gamers love the idea of turn-based games, they are generally tired of them nowadays. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a great example of how to make turn base feel new. Due to the style and speed of the action, Final Fantasy 7 Remake feels like it's so much faster without really being a masher at all.

Don't change the story; build upon it

Everyone knows the KOTOR twist, which was one of the biggest reveals in gaming history. Instead of changing any part of the story, KOTOR can contribute to the world by expanding its scope and adding additional lore. Added lore would not only make KOTOR feel fresh, but it would also entice players to learn more of the lore in SWTOR.

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