Knights of the Old Republic to Receive Remake from Aspyr Media

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Jason Schreier has confirmed today on the MinnMax Podcast that there is a remake in the works for the 2003 Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic.

To the surprise of many, EA Games will not be creating it and a team from Aspyr Media will be in charge of its recreation.


Aspyr has a history with older Star Wars games as they were the company that ported the original and many other games from the franchise.

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Knights of the Old Republic to Receive Remake from Aspyr Media

You can watch the full podcast here.

News of the KotOR remake has been circling the internet since 2019 but information has varied at times.

People believed BioWare was responsible for the remake as they were the company that first developed the game in 2003, While it makes sense they would re-make the game, BioWare has announced Mass effect 4 and Dragon Age 4 are in development so one could imagine the company has their hands full at the moment.


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Knights of the Old Republic is a role-playing game that originally launched on the original Xbox. It is still unknown if the game will follow the same pseudo-turn-based combat system or if we will see a complete overhaul to modernise it.

Overall good news for fans of the franchise giving people who played the original a chance to replay the story, and younger fans an opportunity to play the game for the first time.