Stalker 2's Xbox Exclusivity Is Just Three Months, PS5 Release Possible From Then On

Stalker 2 was originally announced as an Xbox console exclusive title, but newly leaked documents have revealed that the game's exclusivity period is only three months.

The documents in question were spotted by a user on Reddit and come from the ongoing Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit. The slides showcase a number of exclusive games coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, with a focus on three Xbox games, Stalker 2, Tetris Effect Connected, and The Gunk.

Overall, this isn't hugely surprising as Microsoft has had short exclusivity windows for a number of games in the past, such as Inside. However, with how ambitious Stalker 2 is and the excitement for the game, it is surprising Microsoft aren't trying to hold onto the title for longer.

Just yesterday GSC Game World said that there are no plans for a PS5 release of the game. While the team might not be working on the game for the platform right now, it does seem likely that the game will release on PlayStation 5 at some point after this exclusivity window ends.

However, those hoping for a PS4 or Xbox One release shouldn't hold their breath as according to the developer the game would be "impossible to run" on last-gen machines.

If you haven't been keeping up to date with the game, you can catch up on all the information here.

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