Splitgate: How To Get Reward Drops

Similar to other modern first person shooter titles, Splitgate also has its own lootbox system called the Reward Drops. Opening these drops will give players a random cosmetic of a different rarity that they can wear on their character or weapon and bring it to battle. Here's how you can get them and starting opening these drops in this game.

Reward Drops Explained

Splitgate's Reward Drops are round loot boxes that contain a random cosmetic every time you open one. Players can open the drops on the lower left of the main screen where you can see your party members hang out. The Rewards Center tab will have the Drops subtab which will show how many drops the players have left to get the cosmetics.

Once the button is pressed, their character will be sent to a room where they'll roll to get a cosmetic. The items obtained from this can be random and the cosmetic's rarity can vary.

How To Earn Drops In Splitgate

To obtain Reward Drops, players must finish challenges and level up to get some added to their account. Levelling up is a prerequisite to unlock the Daily and Weekly Challenges in Splitgate. Some of these challenges directly give out a Reward Drop. Meanwhile, levelling up your player level and Battle Pass can give a Reward Drop too. On the other end, some Reward Drops are also awarded to the player if they participate in other Splitgate events such as the invitation event which is currently running this beta.

Overall, active players who keep completing challenges and keep playing the game over a long period of time can get Reward Drops regularly.

Carried Over After Beta

The developers have also confirmed that cosmetics earned in the beta will be carried over in the full release of Splitgate. So far, 1047 Games has been generous with giving out free cosmetics and Reward Drops in the Splitgate beta through its free Battle Pass and challenges.

At best, playing in the Splitgate Beta could be best for players who want to earn as much cosmetics as they want in this game.

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