Splitgate: How To Access Practice Ranger

Among the popular first person shooters out there, Splitgate is the newest one of the bunch. Some players would want to explore their options in the game to fully enjoy this game. Fortunately, Splitgate has the Practice Range for this and here's how you can get to it.

The Splitgate Practice Range

In Splitgate, the Practice Range can be found under the Training tab located at the upper menus of the game. It'll be the middle choice of the Training menu and Splitgate will immediately load the player up for the Practice Range.

Entering the Practice Range is free as long as the player can click on the Training tab.

How To Unlock

Upon entering the game, the player is immediately placed in a Tutorial where they'll be introduced with the game's basic controls and introduce the mechanics of Splitgate. Once that's done, players can now use most of the game's features and it includes the Training tab.

Simply finish the tutorial and proceed to the Training tab and get started with the Practice Range.

Stay For As Long As You Want

Once players are inside, the Practice Range is actually one half target range and the other half a practice course for the portal mechanics. Every weapon in Splitgate, except the Oddball, can be used in the Training Range. Try out all the guns as you'll find some of them as weapon pickups in the available game modes in Splitgate.

On the other hand, the practice course in the Practice Range is fully functional even in the beta build of Splitgate. Play around with the portal mechanics which will allow players to rapidly move around the map faster. Players can even slingshot themselves up into the air using the momentum they get from travelling through the portals to get into high places.

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