Splitgate: How To Use Portals

As seen on its official site, 1047 Games calls Splitgate as a game where "Halo meets Portal." Players will often open up portals to move fast around the map and shoot their foes down. Even though it may get jarring for the first time, using the portal feature is a fun mechanic to use in the game.

How To Use Portals

Early in the game's tutorial, players will be taught how to use portals in Splitgame fast. In Splitgate, every character can put out two portals on specific surfaces on maps. These specific surfaces are mostly colored light blue with fractal patterns on it and can be found on the walls, floor and high ceilings of the map at times.

To place these portals, players will need to press Q to place their Blue portal and E to place their Orange portal. Once both portals are out, players can use it as a gateway to move around the map or shoot enemies through it.

In the beginning, it would be best to run around without making too much portals as you fight other players. It would be best to learn the map's normal layouts first before taking shortcuts with portals. At times, using portals can destroy your sense of direction which could make new players lost in one small corridors or rooms with portals on it.

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How To Open And Close Portals

1047 Games has also introduced some strategy for the portals as players can always directly interact with them regardless if they're from teammates or enemies. Players can close their own portals if they choose to. Pressing Z will close the Blue Portal while the X button closes the Orange Portal.

It always requires that two portals to be active to use its teleportation properties. However, these portals never expire on their own as long as the player is still alive. Players can leave portals as long they're not closed or repositioned somewhere else.

On the other end, both teams can close enemy portals with their EMP grenades. Every player is always given two EMP grenades per spawn and can restock these from fallen allies and enemies. Throwing these grenades will close enemy portals which are highlighted with colors on their screen. While these grenades work well against portals, it does no damage to enemies if they get caught in its blast.

Fair Warning

All in all, the portal mechanic in Splitgate is fun and can encourage creative plays from anybody who can use it well. However, it does have unique interactions that players should remember.

As players can see through the other side of their own portals, they can sometimes see themselves through it if the view also covers their position. Ally friendly fire doesn't happen in this game but players can shoot their own character if they try to do it through portals. It is possible to eliminate yourself in matches through your own portals.

On the other end, players cannot see through portals made by other people regardless if it's from allies or enemies. Entering and shooting through them is possible as long as the portal has a black hole in the middle of it. Portals with monochrome colors in the middle of it do not have an end point which makes it impossible to use it until the other portal is used. Use other people's portals at your own risk as it may send you directly in front of a group of enemies or a bad position to fight back.

However, don't scare yourself from not using it and just enjoy using portals in Splitgate to get a feel of it.

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