Splitgate Game Modes: Full List

Aside from the usual Team Deathmatch, 1047 Games has added many game modes in Splitgate for players to enjoy. Some of these game modes doesn't always need to directly eliminate all of the enemy team to win. Here's what Splitgate offers to its players.

Game Modes List

So far, Splitgate has 10 different game modes available for its casual modes. Here's the list of the available modes so far:

  1. Team Deathmatch
  2. King Of The Hill
  3. Domination
  4. VIP
  5. Team Oddball
  6. Team Swat
  7. Team Shotty Snipers
  8. Gun Game
  9. Showdown
  10. Takedown

So far, these modes are permanent and will not change anytime soon until 1047 Games decides to remove it.

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Kills and Objectives

Similar to other first person shooters, Splitgate has its own game modes that can focus on racking up kills and controlling objectives. So far, here are the modes that involves eliminating the opposing players

  1. Team Deathmatch - Killing foes adds 1 to your team's score. The first team to hit 50 points wins.
  2. Team SWAT - Similar goal to Team Deathmatch. The catch in this mode is that all headshots are immediately lethal.
  3. Team Shotty Snipers - Another mode similar to Team Deathmatch. Player loadouts are only restricted to the Sniper and Shotgun weapons.
  4. Gun Game - Kill up to 22 foes in a Free-For-All fight. Every kill will change your weapon. Killing your foe with a melee strike will take 1 away from their score.
  5. VIP - Each team will need to a designated VIP in their enemy team to earn points. The first team to score 10 points wins.
  6. Showdown - Two 3-man teams will spawn in with random loadouts and eliminate all of the enemy team. Players will earn 1 point upon successfully eliminating the enemy team and players cannot respawn when eliminated.
  7. Takedown - Similar to Showdown, players will need to eliminate the enemy team to win. Players can respawn but will have increased respawn timers on every death. Teams will get one point on getting an ace on the enemy team and the first team to get 4 points will win.

On the other end, Splitgate also has game modes which rewards victory to teams who can hold objectives longer. Here are these modes:

  • King Of The Hill - Teams will have to fight to keep an ally in the objective spot to earn points. The first team to hit 200 points will win
  • Domination - Similar to King of The Hill but players can capture the objective. Once the objective is captured, players can stay outside of it to defend it.
  • Team Oddball - Players will have to hold the Oddball to earn points for their team. The Oddball holder cannot shoot but can hit foes with a melee strike will instantly kill foes and drop the ball by choice. The first team to reach 200 points will win the game

Limited Time Modes

1047 Games also has its own limited time modes in Splitgate. During the beta, here are some of these modes:

  • Free For All - 6 players can engage everybody in this game mode. The firs player to get 25 Score wins.
  • Instagib - Similar to Free For All rules but all players are equipped with Railguns that only needs to hit once to kill.

New modes can be introduced as 1047 Games develops Splitgate further. We'll have to wait on the future updates and the full release to know if anything new will be added.

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