Splatoon Community Questions - Part 2

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In the previous article we discussed different players' gear and their favourite music tracks. This time we will be talking about players' favourite Splatoon stages and more gear choices from some other players.

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Let's get right into the questions and answers.

Your favourite stage?

Splatoon 2 has over 20 stages with all unique settings. From a basketball court in Goby Arena to an amusement park called Wahoo World. Players ink and turf a variety of places in both of the games. We asked the community what stages they like to play on.

Metroid9 likes boats and enjoys the Splatoon 2 stage Manta Maria.

Sturgeon Shipyard and Humpback Pumptrack are Mei’s favourite stages from its aesthetics either on the map itself or in the background. The stages have strong positions for the team either in an offense, defense or neutral play.

Melvo’s favourite stages are Museum D’Alfonsino from Splatoon 1 and New Albacore Hotel from Splatoon 2. They like the scenery and background for these two maps.


Cyberbrick’s favourite map is Flounder Heights. From the suburban layout, they enjoyed playing tower control on this stage.

Matthew could not just pick one stage. Their favourite stages from the original Splatoon are Camp Triggerfish, Mahi-Mahi Resort and Museum d’Alfonsino. They really enjoyed Skipper Pavillion, Humpback Pump Track and Snapper Canal in Splatoon 2 as well.

Your favourite gear and weapon choice (continued)?

Name: Xan

Favourite Weapon: Krak-On roller


Name: Matthew

Favourite Weapon: Kensa Splattershot Pro and Splash-o-Matic

“I’ve been a fan of the SRL coat for a while. Its main ability is good and it’s just cool to have the coats that have been worn in promotional showings and by the game’s developers. I’m also wearing the Octoglasses for their fun design.”

Name: Camexrn

Favourite Weapon: Kensa Splattershot or Inkbrush

Favourite Ability: With Ink Saver or inkbrush with Main Power Up.


Name: IPS

Favourite Weapon: N-Zap

Favourite Gear: 18K Aviators Sunglasses

“18K Aviators sunglasses with the use of the N-Zap from its paint ability and the kits special weapons.”

Name: Inkling Splash

Favourite Weapon: Splattershot Pro Forge


Favourite Gear: Pilot goggles, Shirt with Blue Hoodie, Moist Ghillie Boots.

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