Splatoon Community Questions - Part 1

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We asked a range of Splatoon 2 Community members to answer some questions. These will be based on Splatoon 2 in general.

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Let's get right into the questions and answers.

Your favourite gear and weapon choice?

There are many choices for weapons in Splatoon 2. From the Splattershot Jr to the Octobrush to the Hydra Splatling to the Splatterscope. This is not even considering the gear choices. Players can customize their inkling or octolings with different clothing. Either just for the fashion looks or for each ability's powers found on each piece of gear.

Name: Welshey

Favourite Weapon: Custom Dualie Squelchers/Custom Jet Squelcher

Favourite Ability: With Main Power Up and Swim Speed Up


Name: Metroid9

Favourite Weapon: Slosher

Favourite Gear: Cap of Legend

Name: Cyberbrick

Favourite Weapon: Hero Shot Replica

“I love the Burst Bombs and the Splashdown is so fun to use (Especially when doing a Super Jump!)”


Name: TomLegend

Favourite Weapon: Enperry Splat Dualies

Favourite Gear: Five-Panel Cap, Juice Parka and Hero Runner Replicas

Name: Melvo

Favourite Weapon: Luna Blaster Neo

Favourite Gear: Krak-On gear. From the high chance of rolling Swim Speed Up and I like skatewear.


“Funny weapon.”

Name: Kat

Favourite Weapon: Splatterscope

Favourite Gear: Double egg shades, Splatoon 2 world championship t-shirt, Flipper-floppers

Name: Spore


Favourite Weapon: Inkbrush Nouveau

Favourite Gear: Camo Mesh, Purple Hoodie and Plum Casuals

Name: Mei

Favourite Weapon: Custom explosher

“It’s a very slow weapon, but to make up for that it offers a large amount of paint and AoE support. It can work well with a large variety of teammate weapons and can also offer a more aggressive playstyle once control has been secured. It is also just very satisfying to land multiple direct shots onto someone and/or hit players in positions that would otherwise seem safe such as behind large walls.”


Your favourite Splatoon music?

It is amazing how much range of music there is in the Splatoon games. A variety of music is made by different in game music bands and artists which all have different styles to them. We asked the community what their favourite Splatoon music tracks are.

Mei’s favourite music track is the iconic Splattack from the original Splatoon.“It is the original song for the entire series and is always the one I default to in my head whenever I hear the term ‘Splatoon music’.”

This is also Matthew’s favourite track. They also like Chopscrewey and Seafoam Shanty are big favourites for me. In addition, Sea Shanty is Xan’s favourite track too.

A lot of players like Chopscrewy by Sashimori. Players IPS, Spore and Camexrn all said Chopscrewey is their favourite music track.

It seems a large amount of players were stuck on this question since there are many squidtastic tracks from the games. TomLegend said there are “many choices, but here’s 3. Shark Bytes, Ink Me Up and Bomb Rush Blush.”


Welshey’s favourite tracks are Metalopod from Splatoon and Seasick from Splatoon 2.

Kat and Melvo listed tracks which can be found in the story mode. Kat’s music they like is I am Octavio, the final boss music from the original game. Melvo’s is Maritime Memory which is the staff credits music from Splatoon.

Metroid9’s favourite track is Ebb and Flow by Off The Hook which is used during the Splatoon 2’s Splatfests. Finally, Ink or Sink is Inkling Splash’s favourite track while Cyberbrick’s favourite music is from Chip Damage by The Chirpy Chips.

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Thanks to everyone who gave tips in this article: