Inkfest Yellow Cup Refresh #4 + Affordable Alliteration Team Profile

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The Yellow Cup Finals happened last Saturday on the 20th of November. Teams Chew on This L, Squids for Hire and Affordable Alliteration played in the Grand Finals for this Inkfest Cup. Who will win the 3rd Inkfest Cup?

Winning the Yellow Cup Finals will give the 1st place team 1000 Nintendo Gold points each. So there can only be one winning team. The team who has won the Yellow Cup are…

Chew on This L or otherwise known as Chew Its Mafia. Congratulations!

You can watch the past broadcast of the intense games of the Yellow Cup Finals here:

We have already interviewed the winning team Chew Its Mafia in a previous article which you can check out here.

For this week we will be interviewing Affordable Alliteration who played in the previous Green and Yellow Cups.

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Affordable Alliteration: Team Profile

Player Camexrn formed a team with players Ducker, Galactc, Party Octo and Photon over the past few weeks to make Affordable Alliteration. The team was created for the Splatoon 2 Inkfest for the Green Cup and Yellow Cup games.

Camexrn likes to use brushes and Splattershots. While Galactc is more of a backline and likes to play the Rapid Blaster Pro Deco and Custom Explosoher. Party Octo is a midline and uses blasters like the Luna Blaster. Photon takes a slayer and support role with the Kesna Splattershot Pro, Dualie Squelchers, Neon Sploosh and N-Zap 89. Ducker is more in the flex role and can use most weapons. They usually use the Octoshot or a Blaster of some kind.

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Interestingly, the team's favourite mode is one you might not be expecting.

“Our favourite mode would be clam blitz. This is because we are able to adapt quickly to the situation at hand and that you have to have a lot of patience waiting for the right moment to strike.”

Overall Affordable Alliteration is a great team. From their composition fitting well with their players and weapons choices. Even if they could fall down to the deepest depth, they could somehow come back out of nowhere!

Thanks to Camexrn for the team profile.

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