Inkfest Pink Cup Refresh #1 & Chew Its Mafia Team Interview

The Inkfest Pink Cup Grand Finals happened last Saturday. There were many inktastic games played in the double-elimination bracket. Team Name, Get 4 girls and go squid sisters, NX Sirens for Hire and Chew Its Mafia pickup group magical ponies all played their best to get to the 1st place podium.

With many matches played, Chew Its Mafia won the first Inkfest Cup. Their team will receive 1000 Nintendo Gold points each.

Here are the results for the Pink Cup Grand Finals:

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If you missed it. Check out the previous broadcast to see the Pink Cup Finals. On the 30th of October, the Grand Finals for the 2nd Inkfest Cup, the Green Cup will be live. Watch it here:

Want to play some competitive games in Splatoon 2? The next Inkfest Cup will be the Yellow Cup starting on the 6th of November with the Open Ladders. Any player can sign up with a team to play some inkredible games against other UK teams.

Getting to the top of the rankings for each of the open ladder sessions will put your team into the Cup Grand Finals. The Yellow Cup Finals will be on the 20th of November. Go to the Inkfest Hub for more details:

Need a team to prove your splat skills? Join the Inkfest Discord to find players and form teams:

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Here is our interview with the winning team, Chew-Its Mafia and their Team captain IPS (@IPS_spl).

For those who don't know, Chew-Its Mafia is a team that is going from strength to strength. Apart from winning the Inkfest’s Pink Cup more recently, they also won 1st place at Hyper Splat, another UK tournament back in July of this year.

“We formed in January 2021 with the OG roster of Me (IPS), Samidge, Spore and Chris2, we then got a 5th player named Kenshin but he left around Summertime and eventually Snipez joined us. The team currently is more of a pick-up group which features players such as Cooldude and Ninjatrain on occaision."

The team has a variety of weapons they use. From Cooldude’s use of the powerful Nautilus to the Octobrush plays by Spore. They're very organised, with each player knowing their own roles to play in each match. The main support comes from IPS by the use of the N-Zap for paint control and ink armours. While Samidge uses sloshers, Chris with the Squeezer and NinjaTrain with the Tetra Dualies which all play in the slayer role. While we saw Snipez use Neo Splash-o-matic in the tournament. As a team, they're very flexible with a range of weapons and roles for any situation.

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For those curious, we asked Chew-Its Mafia what their favourite mode is from the game and surprisingly, they chose Rainmaker.

"Our composition works really well in the mode and in general we find the fast paced action of it fun," IPS

Finally, we asked who the team's strongest pros were, to which IPS gave a very definitive answer:

“I would say our strongest pros are our chemistry together as a team after playing together for so long and also our shotcalling especially knowing when to push and capitalize off our opponents mistakes.”

Chew-Its Mafia played amazingly in the Inkfest Pink Cup and we wish them all the best for the upcoming Green Cup Grand Finals coming on the 30th of October.

Will we see another victory from Chew-Its this Saturday? Only time will tell...

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The next cup open ladder is on the 6th and 7th of November

Interested in playing? Register your team on the Inkfest Hub:

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