Inkfest Purple Cup Finals Refresh #5

The final Inkfest instalment happened last weekend on the 5th of December which was the Purple Cup Finals.

Eight teams played it out for the 1st place position to win 1000 Nintendo Gold points each for their team.

The teams were Snowpoint, Ame-Shikō, Bass Kickers, Pi-R-Squids, We like to Chew it Chew it, Cephalopogs, Squidnappers and Affordable Alliteration. The 32 players all played their best in the splat games to reach victory.

Who will win the final Inkfest Cup for this year?

With a squidtastic 4 game Grand Finals match with the teams We like to Chew it Chew it versus Snowpoint…

We like to Chew it Chew it or otherwise known as Chew Its Mafia wins another Splatoon 2 Inkfest Cup. Congratulations!

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Chew-Its Mafia have won all of the Inkfest Cups over the past 3 months. Can this team be stopped?

🏆 Pink Cup 1st Place Team - Chew-Its Mafia

🏆 Green Cup 1st Place Team - Chew-Its Mafia

🏆 Yellow Cup 1st Place Team - Chew-Its Mafia

🏆 Purple Cup 1st Place Team - Chew-Its Mafia

Missed out on watching the Purple Cup Finals live stream?

Here is the Purple Cup FInals VOD:

If you are looking for more articles about Chew-Its Mafia. We did a team profile of them way back at the start of Inkfest with the Pink Cup. You can check it out here.

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Thanks to all of the teams who participated in Gfinity’s Splatoon Inkfest throughout the four cups. There will be a couple more articles and videos coming out to wrap up the Inkfest event over the next week.

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