Sega Names Sonic Rangers In Their Own Press Release

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Sega may have just outed the name of Sonic the Hedgehog's next main entry as Sonic Rangers. At the end of yesterday's 30th anniversary livestream, they gave fans a surprise brief glimpse at the next game, offering few details beyond a planned 2022 release date.

Releasing on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, that teaser didn't offer more than Sonic running through a forest and a mysterious symbol. However, Sega provided a follow-up press release with further details, which stated:

Announcing new console experiences, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic Rangers, further details on Netflix's Sonic Prime, mobile news, musical events and much more!

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Sega Names Sonic Rangers In Their Own Press Release

Since then, Sega has retracted any mention of Sonic Rangers - advising Eurogamer that specific press release was an older version shared incorrectly - but rumours had separately spread about an open-world entry under that name. However, nothing has been confirmed.

Either way, Sonic fans have much to look forward to in the coming months. During Sonic Central, Sega unveiled a new retro collection called Sonic Origins, Sonic Colours: Ultimate launches in September and each PS4 entry is also coming to PS Now. Combined with some smaller crossovers, Sonic's celebrating his 30th in style.