Skyrim Modder Solves Death Itself

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Sick of falling from Skyrim’s mountains and landing the hard way? Tired of feeling the inevitable consequences of misreading just how tough that frost troll near High Hrothgar is?

Well, fret no longer, as the game’s modding community has reached its apex by modding away the threat of death, which has plagued players since the game’s launch back in 2011.

Don’t worry though, as this mod isn’t as immersion-breaking as simply enabling god mode via the console commands. Instead, you get to roleplay as a mage who dabbles in the art of resurrection.

Skyrim Modder Solves Death Itself

The mod is simply called “Resurrect Me” and is an attempt by modder fenix31415 to right the wrongs of previous similar mods, which they describe as having “non-reliable, buggy implementation”.

It achieves its goal by allowing the player to craft scrolls poetically titled “Scroll of the Life”, which, when used, can restore all of your health points upon receiving fatal damage, provided that you’ve activated the scroll not long before this happens.

There is a cooldown effect in place to stop you abusing your new power too much, so don’t feel like the scrolls give you a licence to run up to every giant you see for a quick hug.

Rather, they’re likely best used as a last resort in particularly dangerous situations, such as fighting Alduin on master difficulty or attempting to jump off of the Throat of the World and land in Ivarstead without breaking all of your bones.

This is especially true given what you’ll need to craft the scrolls, which can only be done at the Skyforge in Whiterun.

Each scroll requires expensive soul gems plus an emerald, some writing supplies and the blessing of a literal god, which paradoxically might be the easiest of those to acquire.

For a look at the mod in action, check out this video:

Sadly, the mod is only available for the game’s Special Edition right now, rather than the updated Anniversary Edition, with no plans in place for this to change going forwards.

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