Skyrim Mod Brings True Star Wars Experience to Tamriel

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An image of Skyrim's Dragonborn wielding a lightsaber.
Credit: Pande4360 on Nexus Mods.

Desperate to get your Star Wars fix, but dislike Lego games and can’t wait for Jedi Fallen Order 2?

Well, Skyrim’s modding scene might have served up just what you’re looking for.

Created by Pande4360, "Star Wars Redux 2022" is a mod that brings the intergalactic adventures of the iconic sci-fi films to the world of Bethesda’s RPG in a more detailed and expansive manner than any Skyrim Star Wars mods you might have played before.

Skyrim Mod Brings Star Wars to Tamriel

Providing an update to Pande4360’s previous Skyrim Star Wars mod, called “Star Wars Lite Conversion”, which added many similar features, but required the use of console commands to get it working, this new mod seeks to make the experience integrate more seamlessly into the game.

So, get ready to put on your Jedi robes and be thrown into a new-look Skyrim, which is now in the midst of a civil war between imperial stormtroopers and the rebel alliance, who step in to replace the vanilla Legion vs Stormcloaks conflict.

Rather than swords and bows, the enemies you face in this mod will come at you with lightsabers and laser blasters. It might be an idea to set your sights on the main story and dark brotherhood questlines right off the bat, as these alone will reward you with force powers and your own lightsaber.

Or you could try out one of the other Star Wars-inspired weapons that the mod also adds, which include a range of futuristic guns and melee weapons.

For example, if you tire of deflecting laser bolts with your lightsaber and want to scythe through blaster-wielding bandits with a purge trooper’s electrostaff, you can do just that.

Though, you might want to switch back when it comes time to take on General Tullius at the climax of the civil war questline. He’s changed a bit since you last saw him, being transformed into Darth Vader, complete with voice change.

Or, for a more relaxed experience, you could just hang around in The Bannered Mare getting drunk and roleplaying that you’re Han Solo hiding out from Jabba The Hutt.

So fire up your hyperdrive or, if you’re looking for info on The Elder Scrolls 6, here’s what we know so far.

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