Skull & Bones Is Being Developed as a “Multiplayer-First” Game

Skull & Bones has been one of Ubisoft's most delayed projects. First announced back in 2017, it's been through development hell ever since and now, it looks like the game has gone through a major revamp to become a “multiplayer-first”

According to an earnings call covered by VGC, Ubisoft promised that Skull & Bones will now launch in its “next fiscal year.” During this call, CFO Frédérick Duguet claimed the IP is “very promising” but acknowledged the lengthy development. However, he confirmed Ubisoft is currently happy with the artistic direction and progress so far.

Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones Being Developed as a “Multiplayer-First” Game

Here’s the full quote from Duguet:

"It’s a very promising new IP focussing on multiplayer first, so very consistent with our strategy to bring multiplayer competition and co-op first in a big open world, with a great, attractive fantasy.
That’s of course a longer development time that we’ve had on that game, but we’re very happy with the artistic direction and the progress of the game so far."
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Skull & Bones doesn't have a specific release date, though we'll keep you updated if that changes. It's been through significant changes since release, with reports claiming it could end up being a live-service open-world title with survival elements.

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