Skull And Bones Leaks Include Details On Open-World And Player Progression

Following the announcement of Skull and Bones at E3 2017, Ubisoft's adventure has faced numerous delays since then.

The game has gone through an incredible development cycle, in which a report earlier this year claimed that Ubisoft wanted to scrap the project, but couldn't due to the Singaporean government keeping the pirate tale afloat. But after chopping and changing gameplay features over the last 4 years, it seems like we have finally received updated details on the final product of the game.

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Skull And Bones Leaks Include Details On Open-World And Player Progression

Industry insider, Tom Henderson unveiled gameplay elements on the swashbuckling Ubisoft tale through an extensive Twitter thread.

Henderson revealed that there are five different tiers of ships in the order of size, those of which can be categorised as either Cargo, Combat, or Exploration. Each ship has its own advantages and disadvantages, for example, smaller vehicles can traverse the high-seas more swiftly than brute-like ships.

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These ships can be customised through blueprints, but players can also build their ships by collecting enough wood, metal, and fibers. Certain resources will also contribute towards installing a variety of weapons with different ammo types, those of which include canons, flame throwers, mortars, among others.

Skull and Bones seems to take place in an open-world Indian Ocean, with Mozambique being one of the areas on the map. The pirate haven seems to be located in an area of Madagascar.

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As for more on the story, players will reportedly begin as nobodies and build their ships and reputations. Player progression is recorded by money, and pirates will need to tackle quests, plunder settlements, and raid other ships in order to gain more money and in turn, expand their presence.

While still far from completion, combat seems to be one of the game's highlights. Henderson's full thread can be accessed above.

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