Skate 4 "Will Be Launching Soon," Says EA CEO

We haven't heard much about EA's Skate 4 in a while, but new information emerged during the company's recent earnings call. Primarily, that's given us a quick tease about Skate 4's launch date.

Reported by TweakTown, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed how some of their titles have the ability to create your own content and put it into that ecosystem." Wilson also discussed user-generated content (UGC), describing games such as Sims to possess this kind of characteristic.

Skate 4 "Will Be Launching Soon," Says EA Ceo Andrew Wilson

Wilson also mentions other titles which cater to UGC, including FIFA. Part of his statement confirms:

"It has been at the very center of the Sims for a long time, it's at the very center of modes like FIFA and Madden Ultimate Team, it's at the very center at the design of Skate which will be launching soon."

Skate 4 was announced by EA back in 2020, and it'd been long requested by Skate fans seeking a new title. Hopefully we'll see something more substantial soon, so make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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