Sims 4: How To Rotate Objects on PC and Console

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Sims 4. An Apartment Living Room That Is Fully Furnished. The image shows a blue living room that has white sofas and a tv hung on the wall. There are several indoor plants below the tv and a stripy rug under them.

A major part of Sims 4 is being able to design and build your own home. Inside the home, (and other places if you cheat) you can place down and move around any objects you can afford. We're going to show you how to rotate objects so you can make bigger and better rooms.

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How To Rotate Objects

To rotate objects you must be in either Build mode or Buy mode. You can rotate most objects but you will not be able to place them down if the grid markings below the object are red. The red colour means the object is clashing with another one and you will need to adjust it until it turns green. Once it is green, you can release it and it will be placed in the room at the angle you have decided.


PC and Mac

There are two ways that you can rotate objects using PC or Mac. The first one is to click on the object you want to rotate:

  • Use the ,< key to rotate the object counterclockwise
  • Use the .> key to rotate the object clockwise

Alternatively, you can click the object and hold the left click down on it while dragging the mouse to rotate it in the desired direction.

Xbox and PS


To rotate objects in the Xbox or PS version of the game, you still need to be in Build or Buy mode and you need to select the object you want to rotate:

  • Use LB/L1 to rotate the object counterclockwise
  • Use RB/R1 to rotate the object clockwise
Sims 4. The image shows a dining table that has been rotated clockwise and the grid marks below it are green.
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The green grid below this dining table shows that it can be placed here.

Once you know how to rotate items, you will be able to enhance your room and house designs in Sims 4. If you are playing the game, take a look at our guide on cheats for PC and Console. It is full of little tricks that you can use to make the game easier. Also, we have a guide on how to change the language on PC if the default game is not in your preferred one.

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