Sims 4: How To Make Money Without Cheating

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Sims 4 City Living Artwork. Three sims are stood to the left of the image. The character on the far left is wearing basketball clothes and holding a basketball. The one in the center is wearing chic clothes and sunglasses. The one on the right is wearing a cap and jacket while reading a guidebook

Money in The Sims 4 is known as Simoleons and (unless you cheat) you start the game with very little in your pocket. After selecting a place to move into and getting the basics needed for your Sim to survive, you're likely to end up with no money at all! This is why we're going to show you how to make money without cheating.

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How To Make Money

We've gone through some of the basic ways of earning money without using cheats. This does not include any of the multiple expansion packs and is solely focused on tasks that can be achieved in the base game.

Get a Job

There are two main job types that you can choose from in the game. They are full-time jobs and part-time jobs. The full-time jobs tend to pay better but you would need to spend some time climbing the ranks of that career path to earn substantial Simoleons. If you choose a part-time career it does pay less but you can merge that with other ways of earning money.

Sell Paintings

Using an easel to paint pieces of art will not earn you substantial amounts of money instantly. However, the more you paint then the more your painting skill will improve. The higher your skill level is, the more money your paintings will be worth. Paintings that are created while your Sim is feeling the effect of a particular emotion will always sell for a high price. For example, a "Flirty Painting" can sell for 100 Simoleons or more.

Sims 4. A female sim with purple hair is painting a large canvas on an easel.
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Sell Books


As with paintings, the skill level you have for writing will determine how much money your books are worth. However, the more books you sell, the more royalties you will earn from them. Therefore your Sim could write a lot of books that are cheap, but because the royalties stack up you could get a decent income from it.

Sell Crops

Gardening is an easy skill for your Sim to pick up. Once they do, they can turn even the smallest patch of their land into a source of income. Again, as the Gardening skill improves, the quality of your crops will improve. Once you harvest them you can sell them and extremely high quality or rare crops are profitable.

Learn Music Skill and Perform Live

Your Sim can learn the music skill and once they reach a high enough level, they can take their talent outside. They can set up on the street outside a building or in a park and start a live performance. If other Sims enjoy their music, they can give your Sim money. It won't give you a sudden influx of money but it's a good method to merge with a part-time job.

Collect Rare Rocks

If you use your camera function to explore the area away from your Sim, you may spot some rocks that look like they don't belong. This is because they are rocks that contain rare and valuable materials. If you find one of these rocks and instruct your Sim to collect them. To do this, click on the rock and select the given option. Once the rocks have been collected, they can be sold for an extremely high price.

Go Fishing


Fishing is another skill that is worth improving. You can send your Sim fishing in various bodies of water and if their skill level is high enough, they can catch valuable species. You can quickly improve this skill by reading books to do with fishing or simply by making your character fish constantly. Be careful, this activity can wear down your Sim's energy quite quickly so monitor their needs closely. Once you have caught a few varieties of fish, you learn what ones are worth the most money and you'll know what to sell.

Marry Rich, Kill Them Off

In a typical Sim world, there is always a person or family that is extremely rich. You can find out if a Sim is rich by chatting with them by using the "get to know" option. Also, when you try to move your Sim to a new property, you can generally spy on how much is in the bank account of surrounding Sims. This method of earning money does take time and a little bit of cruelty. Embed yourself into that Sims life and romance them until they marry you. When you are married you can choose to merge households. This means that you can control the other Sim and the household funds are now combined.

Now, you could stay happily married and carry on with your life. However, if the other Sim irritates you and is not part of your plan for your character, you can kill them off. There are plenty of "accidents" that can happen to your marriage partner, including drowning or a sudden fire. Once the other Sim has been taken care of, your Sim will solely inherit all of the money and assets that they own.

Sims 4. A sim with purple hair is standing outside an expensive mansion in their swimming outfit.
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There are multiple ways to earn money in Sims 4, there are honest and dishonest ways of doing so. Which method you choose is up to you. If you do want to learn how to get money by cheating, take a look at our cheats guide for PC and Consoles. We also have a guide that shows you how to change the language on PC to your preferred one.