Sea of Thieves Season 7: release date, leaks, and everything we know so far

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Shot from the Sea of Thieves Season 7 trailer showing a pirate holding a scroll
August 4: Sea of Thieves' big new Captaincy update comes out today!

The Sea of Thieves 2022 Roadmap gave fans plenty of teasers of what to expect from the game within the next year. And now, Sea of Thieves Season 7 has a release date.


What sort of content can we expect to play when it drops? Will Flameheart return for vengeance? Will more outposts' fate fall into players' hands? And more importantly, are there new cosmetics? For everything we know about Sea of Thieves Season 7, keep reading.

While we eagerly await the new season, check out what's happening in the rest o' Season 6. In case you missed it, the Xbox showcase revealed a load of new stuff on top of Season 7, like Hollow Knight: Silksong definitely coming out soon, and Overwatch 2 coming out free to play.

Sea of Thieves Season 7 Release Date

Sea of Thieves Season 7 finally has a release date: August 4, 2022. There is currently no scheduled end time for the season.

In the past, we've normally seen seasons last somewhere between 10 and 13 weeks. Just to help, here's a quick look at when the game's past seasons have normally started and finished:

Season Start Date End Date Duration
Season 1January 28, 2021April 15, 202111 Weeks
Season 2April 15, 2021June 22, 20219 Weeks
Season 3June 22, 2021September 23, 202113 Weeks
Season 4September 23, 2021December 2, 202110 Weeks
Season 5December 2, 2021March 2022NA
Season 6March 2022June 2022NA

What's Coming To Sea of Thieves Season 7?

Shot from the Sea of Thieves Season 7 trailer showing a pirate holding a scroll

Eagle-eyed fans will have already noticed what's on this kindly fellows' scroll, but let's take a closer look at what's coming to season 7. Specifically, this is what is scrawled on the parchment:

  • Become the captain of your own ship
  • Customise and decorate your Captain's Cabin
  • Name your vessel and present it on the Ship's Crest
  • Set sail on special Captain's Voyages
  • Save your customisations for future adventures
  • Play as Captain or Crew and earn rewards
  • Easily sell your loot to the Sovereigns
  • Chronicle your journey in the Captain's Log
  • Choose your path with different playstyles

So what does it mean? The biggest thing coming is the long-awaited promise of 'Captaincy'. Players can now elect themselves, or be elected, as Captain of the ship, with everyone else acting as crew. This brings with it rewards and likely achievements related to activities as each too.

Being a Captain has a lot of facets. First, you can adorn your Captain's Cabin with decorative items collected from quests, and you can name the ship you're lording over. There's even a Captains Log, though we're not sure how this will manifest in the game. More voyages are coming, specifically, Captain's Voyages, which have not been detailed as of yet. It's likely that the rewards will be the decorative items for inside the Cabin.

A very helpful change was mentioned: players will be able to easily sell their loot to the Sovereigns. The trailer showed a loadable platform on a crane that can be raised and lowered between ships and the outposts' jetties. This will save so much time and stress for those high-stakes missions, especially when you're being tailed by an enemy ship.

Roadmap of Sea Of Thieves' new seasons

It's also worth noting that the official roadmap also teases even more 'new ways to play and progress', so there's plenty more to come in later seasons.