Sea of Thieves Season 6: Release Date, Leaks, and Everything We Know So Far

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Sea of Thieves is sailing towards its fifth anniversary later this year, and it's fair to say the colourful first-person multiplayer pirate game has garnered quite the following in that time. But before Microsoft and Rare can celebrate that monumental feat with a barrel of rum, fans will likely want to know what content is coming next for the game. With that in mind, read on for everything you need to know about the Sea of Thieves Season 6 Plunder Pass.

Latest News

17 February 2022 -

Sea of Thieves first Sea of Thieves Adventure, 'Shrouded Islands', is now live. As a reminder, these are designed "to complement Seasons," so it's well worth playing as it could have some implications for Season 16. Take a look at the trailer, just below:

27 January 2022 -

Wowzer, what a lot of content from the Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview. As expected Rare didn't hold back in announcing a whole slew of new features coming to the game, detailing a full Sea of Thieves 2022 Roadmap. That said, most of what was shown will kick off in Season 6. We also learned a few more specific changes coming with Season 6. We suggest having a thorough watch of the video (below) but for the sake of anyone who wants the TLDR, here are the main bites of news:

  • Season 6 is launching in March 2022.
  • The PvP Arena mode will be closed at the start of Season Six, slated for March 10th, 2022. (It's not clear if March 10th is the start date for Season six, but that seems likely.)
  • Two big new storytelling features are coming to the game: Adventures and Mysteries. These are "designed to complement Seasons," Rare say.
  • Season Six will be headlined by a new combat and exploration experience: Sea Forts.
  • Sea Forts are a bit like a mini-raid, which are also suitable for solo players.
  • In the latter half of Season Six, Rare will introduce brand new, replayable Pirate Legend Voyages. A feature that’s long been requested by the community.

Now, have a watch of the preview trailer:

24 January 2022 -

It looks as though we could learn more about what is coming next in Sea of Thieves, and Season 6, this week. Rare are hosting a Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview Event. Stay tuned for more details later this week!

Sea of Thieves Season 6 Release Date

Update: As part of the 2022 Roadmap preview show, Rare confirmed that Season 6 is launching in March 2022.

Sea of Thieves Season 5 dropped at the start of December, so it stands to reason that several weeks later fans might start asking the question 'when does Sea of Thieves Season 6 start'? Thankfully, we might not have too much longer to wait for fresh content.

At the time of writing, there is no official release date for Sea of Thieves Season 6. However, we typically see Sea of Thieves release a new season every 10-13 weeks.

Just to help, here's a quick look at when the game's past seasons have normally started and finished:

Start Date
End Date
Season 1
January 28, 2021
April 15, 2021
11 Weeks
Season 2
April 15, 2021
June 22, 2021
9 Weeks
Season 3
June 22, 2021
September 23, 2021
13 Weeks
Season 4
September 23, 2021
December 2, 2021
10 Weeks
Season 5
December 2, 2021

More often than not new Seasons will begin on a Thursday, and assuming the next season starts 10 weeks after Season 5 started, we will likely see Season 6 start 10 February 2022. However, that's the earliest date we are predicting. Assuming the current season runs for 13 weeks as we saw with Season 3, it could start on 3 March, 2022. For the time being though this is just speculation, and we'll have to wait on an official announcement from the developer closer to the time for confirmation.

Sea of Thieves Season 6 Leaks & Teasers

At the time of writing, there are no significant Season 6 leaks, however, there has been plenty of teasers released by the developers during the game's recent Festival of Giving event. Namely, teasers shared during a 50-hour livestream of Twitch which could have been easy to miss.

The TLDR is that there have been plenty of teasers that are linked to Captain Flameheart, the game's notorious Skeleton Lord. Whether Flameheart is the main focus of Season 6 remains to be seen, but it sounds as though the next season will be building towards some rather significant moments that impact the game's wider lore.

This is, however, just a tiny slice of info, as there is A LOT of information to digest. For those seeking more, we would highly recommend watching this ten-minute video from SoT streamer Captain Falcore. The streamer connects a lot of the dots and explains some of those curious voice lines we heard during the 50 hour livestream. It's a top watch for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the content which could be coming this year.

We'll be sure to update this page as more Sea of Thieves Season 6 info becomes available in the lead-up to launch.

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