Saints Row 2022 crossplay and cross-gen explained

Does Saints Row have crossplay? How to play with friends

Does Saints Row have crossplay? How to play with friends
August 22, 2022: Saints Row is out now. You can read our review here.

With such a focus on multiplayer play, many are hoping for Saints Row crossplay to be big and expansive. This is everything we know about it, cross-progression, and what we can expect the launch to look like.

As well as this, if you're looking to order the game for yourself, we go over all the preorder details and what platforms you can buy the game on. Though we don't have confirmation of an official Nintendo Switch release, the Google Stadia release shows it must run well on the cloud. We go over this and more.

If you're looking forward to Saints Row and want to find out everything you possibly can, here's what we know about the Saints Row Release date right now. If this isn't what you're looking for, here's what we know about the Saints Row system requirements. Though it's not out for a little while, you may want to also check out our Saints Row preview.

Does Saints Row have crossplay?

Saints Row doesn't have crossplay in the traditional sense. If you play on PlayStation, you can't play with Xbox players. This being said, it does have cross-generation support. If your friends play on PlayStation 4, you can play with them on PlayStation 5.

Does Saints Row have crossplay? How to play with friends
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We don't have reason to believe crossplay could come post-launch but it's certainly not impossible. If the game proves to be popular, there's always a chance it could come. If the devs believe it will help long-term player retention, it may get released after launch.

What platforms is Saints Row on?

At launch, you can get Saints Row on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PC, and Google Stadia. Though it is running on previous generations' hardware, it may struggle with anything as underpowered as the Nintendo Switch.

This being said, with a cloud-based launch on Google Stadia, we could potentially see a cloud launch on Nintendo Switch. If enough players want it, the devs may put the time in to figure it out. However, it's not worth banking on it happening just yet.

Saints Row preorder details

There are a few major versions of the game. If you wish to buy it digitally, the standard edition comes with the base game plus the 'Idols Anarchy Pack'. If you want to put the money in to get the gold version, you get all of the above plus the 'Saints Criminal Customs', 'Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle!' and the 'Expansion Pass'.

The platinum edition of the game comes with everything above plus Saints Row The Third Remastered.

If you want the game physically, the notorious edition comes with all of the above plus a steelbook, postcards and a bunch of small physical goodies. Unlike most deluxe physical editions, this version of the game doesn't come with a statue.

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