Saints Row - Release date, latest news, and more

Saints Row - Release Date, Latest News, and More

Saints Row - Release Date, Latest News, and More

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August 22, 2022: Our Saints Row review has gone live.

Saints Row is a franchise that suddenly went dark a few years ago. Luckily, with a new generation of games comes a new generation of Saints Row. If you're looking for information on the Saints Row Reboot release date, this is what you should know.

As you might expect, it's a very different game to the one we used to know but makes up for it with a brand new look, upgraded mechanics and so much more.

If you're looking for even more information on Saints Row, you can check out our preview of the game right here. We are only expecting more information over the coming months.

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Saints Row - Release date

The Saints Row release date is August 23 2022. This comes after a delay to the game, as its original release date was back on February 25 2022. Chief Creative Officer Jim Boone issued a statement to explain the reasoning behind this.

"In all honesty, we underestimated the impact COVID would have on our schedule, although everyone adapted very quickly to the working from home arrangement and continued to be incredibly productive."

Hopefully, things are going smoothly over there and we'll all be able to enjoy the chaos of Saints Row as soon as possible.

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Saints Row - Latest news

July 2022

Saints Row is currently still planned to release on August 23, this year. Development seems to be going steady and we are constantly seeing more information.

April 20 2022

The Saints Row dev team launched a fantastic-looking showcase detailing all the ways you can customise your character, vehicles, weapons, and more. With so much to do in-game, we're looking forward to seeing all the ridiculous content that both existing and new fans of the series will create.

Hosted by Mica Burton, the showcase also plays host to a number of interviews with the staff behind the game. It offers a great insight into the process behind the game and the best new things to come in Saints Row's customisation.

You can check out the full showcase below!

April 14 2022

The publishers of Saints Row, Deep Silver, along with developers Volition, are set to announce a huge amount of new content in an upcoming showcase for Saints Row and its extensive customisation system.

Hosted by actor Mica Burton, we'll be seeing a giant showcase of the absolutely ridiculous suite of customisation with interviews from the dev team and insights into what to expect when making the world of Saints Row your very own.

You'll be able to watch it on Deep Silver's Twitch and YouTube on April 20 at 8 pm BST / 9 pm CEST / 12 pm PDT.

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Saints Row - Platforms

The Saints Row reboot will be launching on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. That's every previous and current generation console answered for, along with PC.

That's all we have on the Saints Row reboot's release date and latest news! Make sure you keep yourself updated on things to come though - all the information you could ever want on the new Saints Row will be right here.

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