Rust Update: March 2022 Release Date, New Pets Feature, Changes, and More

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The Rust March 2022 update could be a relatively smaller patch for the game given February brought with it quite a few significant updates. For those who forget, players were treated to a new monument, the Arctic Research Base, snowmobiles, polar bears, and much more. So what could the March 2022 update bring? We've already a few teasers, and know when it's going to drop, so here's everything we do know about the next Rust monthly update.

Latest News

25 February 2022 -

Shadowfrax has returned with yet another low down on the latest changes to Rust and we'll be honest, it's a bit of a dull one this month, with lots of important but none the less dry, dull and dreary changes that won't blow your socks off. Changes like, quality of life updates, improved world models, and various lighting upgrades. Yes, it's one of those updates. Have a watch if you're keen to know about all the changes, which will likely roll out later this week.

14 February 2022 -

Hilarious Rust youtuber Shadowfrax is back with another preview of some upcoming new features and changes potentially coming to the game in March.

Rust March 2022 Update Release Date

Thankfully Rust is sticking to its normal update schedule in 2022. Given this, we know that Facepunch will release the March 2022 update on the first Thursday of the month.

So get ready for the next big update and server wipe to arrive on March 3rd, 2022.

What Time Does The Next Rust Update Release?

Again, we normally see the dev team at Facepunch release their monthly Rust monthly content update at the exact same time. Of course, this will be confirmed on their social channels closer to the time, but we suspect the February content update will be released at 19:00GMT, 19:00UTC, 15:00EDT, 22:00MSK.

In some cases, it's also possible that some Facepunch servers will also be brought offline to carry out server maintenance ahead of a new content update being launched.

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Rust March Update Preview

Rust developer Facepunch hasn't provided a preview of what's to come in the next update. However, thankfully some of the games most dedicated fans have pulled together a list of some of the highlights for the upcoming update, as revealed on the games latest test branch.

The big reveal appears to be a hint at pets coming the game, as well as an above-ground rail system. Other highlights (as detailed by include:

  • Other bug fixes and adjustments ongoing for the snowmobile to adjust viewing angles
  • Snowmobile headlights have been added to the front and rear of vehicle
  • A new branch for “pets” has sprung up with initialization commits
  • Half of the pets branch commits are hidden so far, so not many details are known yet
  • ‘rail_network’ branch has also just appeared with a variety of sentiments expressed
  • A procgen segment for the railroad to be procedurally generated has been committed to the ‘rail_network’ branch
  • Work continues to bring free-spray functionality to the spraycan
  • A fix to wait for the public IP to be populated before testing for connectivity will solve the “your IP is” error on server start up
  • Hapis continues to be updated
  • New achievements will be coming to include some of the newer content
  • An update to the loading screen will be coming
  • A possible fix for the footstep bug!
  • An always sprint / auto run option is in the works

Patch Notes

There's a page for that. We'll be keeping track of all Rust Patch Notes on the link. As they're normally too lengthy to keep on this page with everything else. Patch Notes are traditionally shared on day.

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