Rust Updates: February 2022 Release Date, New Features, Changes

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The Rust developers at Facepunch decided to skip a January update in favour of a blog post recapping everything the game accomplished in 2021; along with a commitment to keep providing plenty of new content throughout 2022.

Within the developer's blog post players were told to expect "More of the same," which isn't very specific. But in general, you know you'll be getting "guaranteed monthly updates", "occasional hotfixes" "holiday events" and much more.

Given the January 2022 update didn't arrive, players will instead have to look toward to February for the first substantial patch of the year. Thankfully, there's a host of new content being tested on the games public test realm. Keep reading for a full recap of what to expect.

Latest News

4 February 2022 -

Rust's February update is now live and in this month's update, Facepunch studio have introduced a new monument, the Arctic Research Base, snowmobiles, polar bears, AI update, spray can item, QOL changes and much more.

Take a look at the below trailer for a closer look at what to expect:

1 February 2022 -

Rust has now confirmed that the next update for the game, the February update, will be released this coming Thursday at 19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST.

If you want to know how long you have to wait, there's a countdown timer (above).

31 January 2022 -

We should see the brand new Rust update fairly soon, but for the time being you can take a look at some of the latest changes on the PTR in a brand new video from SHADOWFRAX.

In this latest video recap, we get a look at the new Arctic Hazard Suit, some recent changes to the Arctic base, and a few more work-in-progress features, like snowstorms.

Give it a watch and stay tuned for more details on the February update, later this week.

21 January 2022 -

Having been first teased at the start of January, Facepunch has now added arctic bases, snowmobiles, polar bears and more new features on the Rust staging aux branch. Have a watch of the hilarious youtuber SHADOWFRAX with an overview of these new features and much more. Enjoy!

Rust February 2022 Update Release Date

Thankfully Rust is sticking to its normal update schedule in 2022. Given this, we know that Facepunch will release the February 2022 update on the first Thursday of the month.

So get ready for the next big update and server wipe to arrive on February 3rd, 2022.

What Time Does The Next Rust Update Release?

Again, we normally see the dev team at Facepunch release their monthly Rust monthly content update at the exact same time. Of course, this will be confirmed on their social channels closer to the time, but we suspect the February content update will be released at 19:00GMT, 19:00UTC, 15:00EDT, 22:00MSK.

In some cases, it's also possible that some Facepunch servers will also be brought offline to carry out server maintenance ahead of a new content update being launched.

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Rust February Update Preview

As part of the developer's 2021 recap blog, Facepunch also gave a small preview of what to expect from 2022. And coming right out of the gate is a new upcoming arctic monument and seemingly polar bears, which we're told will release in the "very near future."

In addition, though, February's update is said to include "a heap load" of quality of life changes, although at the time or writing there's still no specifics on what they'll be fixing.

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Patch Notes

There's a page for that. We'll be keeping track of all Rust Patch Notes on the link. As they're normally too lengthy to keep on this page with everything else. Patch Notes are traditionally shared on day.

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