The Rocket League World Championship was canceled, but EU and North American teams still competed unofficially for the title.

Rocket League's World Championship has been canceled, thus robbing fans of a much-anticipated match between NA and EU. There will be the biggest match-up between champions from both regions where two separate regions exist in sporting competitions. The developers of Rocket League, Psyonix, have decided that regional tournaments will take place instead.

After Rocket League's podcast, First Touch aired comments from EU teammates, the debate heated up. In the podcast, the British Rocket League player Joseph 'Noly' Kidd referred to the French Rocket League player Evan 'M0nkeyM00n' Rogez as "100% better" than the US player Jason 'Firstkiller' Corral. It was an obvious taunt and a brag that would not go unchallenged.

Slater 'Retals' Thomas, an American professional Rocket League player disqualified for taunting the Rocket League Administration, decided to speak up. Rentals, the Spacestation Gaming Esports player, requested an unofficial Guild vs. NA match to put words into action. Retals even offered $1,000 to the winner.

Rocket League's NA vs. EU happened, with incredible results

Not anyone to pass up creating a hyped Esports match, Jon' Jonnyboi_i' Macdonald seized the opportunity. He brought Retals and NA-Esports pros Reed 'Chicago' Willena and Jason 'Fishkiller' Corral to prove their mettle against Guild on EU servers.

Jon MacDonald set the showdown, and on April 28th, a massacre played out on screen. The Guild easily defeated its makeshift NA squad by winning four out of five matches. The match was clearly more of a game of "what if" than anything else, but the European team won with a pretty decisive margin.

John' Jonnyboi_i' MacDonald did not stop there either; two more different match-ups were set up between NA and EU. Spanish Team Queso destroyed another NA team 4-2 in a well-deserved victory for the EU. The final match-up was an All-Star EU team against NA team Envy in NA servers.

That's where the Americans showed their might and slaughtered the EU team. During the four matches, the EU All-Stars scored only two goals total. This was enough to make many wonder how a real championship could have gone.

As John' Johnnyboi_i' MacDonald saw the popularity of these match-ups, he tweeted out to ask what the next matches held. He received a lot of responses, demonstrating how many fans wanted more EU vs. NA action.

This proves that exhibition matches can be very popular with proper hype. Although Retals paid the piper $1,000, everyone involved is still incredibly friendly. Let's hope the hyped match-ups between great teams continue soon.

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