Rocket League Esports admins reverse a controversial ruling and disqualify an outraged player

Rocket League Esports' admins decided that a Rocket League ruling was incorrect and retracted it. The video below presents the situation as it was before the new ruling:

The new ruling came at 4 pm PST on April 26th. Spacestation Gaming lost the match due to the initial incorrect call, which was apparent to many fans who were protesting the initial call. Spacestation Gaming has been awarded 70 points and second place overall due to the Rocket League admins altering their ruling.

A fine was also imposed on one of the players, named Retals, who was upset with the initial incorrect call. TeamEnvy beat Spacestation Gaming in overtime due to a disconnected controller for Retals. After reviewing the clips, the Rocket League admins determined that Retals was in no position to contest the winning hit, which was obviously false.

As a result, Retals joined a Discord after abandoned his team because they were not going to win. Retals ranted against the admins and went too far resulting in his disqualification combined with a fine.

Retals was in an unfair position, but he is always expected to follow the rules

It's easy to understand why Retals is furious; the Rocket League admins themselves recognized it as a bad call. In sports, players get upset with bad calls frequently, and Retals was only demonstrating his frustration. Retals mistake was that he should have known that it was not a good idea to rant to his friend on a Discord where anyone could hear how he felt.

Although Retals earned his disqualification, it seems a bit unfair to fine him over his reaction. At just 17 years old, Retals is nowhere near as mentally mature as most athletes in regular major league sports because they start their careers after college. Unfortunately, the admins have to enforce their fines fairly and consistently, even when they were in the wrong themselves.

If the admins let things like that slide, they will appear unfair any other time they enforce it. Therefore, everyone involved should accept the situation and move forward with cooler heads. Hopefully, this will just be one bump in the road for Rocket League Esports.

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